Four-day workweeks because life’s about living to the fullest
Flexible workdays/times to emphasise our point above
As a family, we literally eat, laugh, and love together

If you’ve ever wanted to pioneer growth in an organisation poised for success in the blue ocean, then seize the opportunity with us!  
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See that little ‘x’ in our tagline? That’s who we are. We create career magic by connecting the "right of two worlds" opportunities and talents. In a world where change is not the only constant, but also getting faster and unpredictable, success comes to those at the top of their game. The ones who seize opportunity. The ones who adapt quickly. Are you hungry for success yet? Welcome to JobsPivot.

Here at JobsPivot, we believe in...

People – Connections forge greater connections
Inclusion – Everyone has a part to play and the opportunity to shine
Vitality – Our energies lie in as much as we believe in ourselves
Oneness – As a whole, we are greater than the sum of us
Trust – Being accountable to self and others

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